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Burger King!!! and the daily download

I have to tell you just how small our town is. We just now got a Burger King in. It opened this afternoon for lunch. I think every car in town was parked along the street, in the parking lot and down the street on the other side. We are all so tired of McDonald's and Sonic. lol I wish I had taken my camera when I went to pick up Kale from school. The really funny part is that not one hour after it opened there were two ambulances and a couple of cop cars there. I am thinking someone started a fight over the long line or something. I was busting up and had to call my DH to ask him to call his friends from the police dept to find out what happened. I am waiting for him to call me at tell me. I am still laughing a little over the whole thing.

NOW that you have read that I have to leave you the link to the Daily download thread over at Scrap Matters. My week is starting and the first day is up now. The links are available only for 24 hours though so grab them quick. The kit will be available at the end of the month for sale in the store.
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I doubt I will be able to leave you the link to the post every day but keep an eye out on the thread cuz there will be 6 days of freebies.


Amy Lee said...

How can you be sick of Sonic? I miss Sonic! LOL..I despise BK..hehe

Sandra said...

Hi, I was wondering if I could get a repost of your first day of the ScrapMatters daily download. I didn't get it because when I picked up day 12, the designer said it was the last day. I showed up today to see if there was going to be another daily download and saw that there was a post yesterday and today. I got todays, thank you so much. I now realize that designer was referring to the last day of HER PARTS and I just don't feel that my missing yesterday was completly my fault. If you look at day 12 post, you will see why I thought that from what she wrote. I really hope you will repost for this reason. Thank you for your consideration.