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I have made a lot of changes.  Please visit this link to go to my new blog and find out what and why.  :D

Love you guys and can't wait for you to see what I have been up to.

Happy Valentines Day and SALE!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope you all are having a day full of love and happiness. Here is a little something that I hope will make your day even better. Use this code at either mscraps or pdp to get 50 % off of absolutely anything in my store till tomorrow night.
Keep your eyes open for a BIG surprise coming on March 1st! 

 Until then,
Have a beautiful day.

I have fixed the blog hop post!!!

For some unknown reason I messed up my blog hop post royally yesterday!  Well it is fixed to include links to the blog before mine and after.  I am so sorry guys.   CLICK HERE

have a beautiful day

Sahlin Studio Blog Hop


I had this beautiful post written up for you with all kinds of info and pictures of my baby. Then this morning I found out that my auto post not only did not post but the post had disappeared. :( So...I am just going to leave you the little gifty and the link to the kit instead.
I do have to tell you that this though. I am IN LOVE with this kit! It is the prettiest baby kit I have ever seen. There are colors for boys and girls, too.



And here is my QP card.

Here is where you should have come from... Becca -
and here is your next stop...Leigh -
Enjoy and have a beautiful day.

CHOO CHOO!!!!! Mscraps Blog Train!

For this train, our designers have decided to work with the same color scheme so that you will have a beautiful coordinated kit at the end of the train ride!

Please take a peek at the kit (not all papers, elements, templates and quick pages shown!!):

Here is my part for you...

:: click here to download ::

(The download is at the bottom of the page)

(note: the PSE version has some kinks.  If you get an error please press enter on your keyboard and the action will continue, giving you the same results) 

Now, go and collect all of the other beautiful, gorgeous and yummy treats!!

Your next stop is: Carly and Loreta:

In case you get lost or stuck, here's the full list of "stations":

First Stop: MScraps Forum -

Carly and Loreta:
Chris (hutchie):
Cheryl: (gonewiththewind):
[/COLOR] Erica:
Jaime (threepaperpeonies):
Lucie (ad77design):

Sasha (busy bee designs):
Tracy Anne Little:

Last Stop: MScraps Blog -

p.s. Because of the different timezones that we're all in, it is possible that not all freebies are up yet.
Please be patient and check back later!

My Mistake...Your Gain

Good news, guys. I am an idiot. Therefore I have reduced the price and fixed the link in the above post. lol I meant to mark it at $20 but somehow managed to put $25 on everything. Well, I am giving it to you all for $15!!! I may leave it in the store for a bit longer too.


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It's Been A While...

It has been a while since I have given you a new post. I have several new things to show you. I am guesting at Scrappity-Doo-Dah for January. I was actually there starting in December but I just did not have time to do the store justice. Starting today you will be getting updates on my stores at SDD, Mscraps and PDP through January 31st. First up I have a collab with Gabs Art.

This kit is just beautiful.  Sparkly, and full of winter charm.  :)


Secondly, this beautiful girly collab with Jaya.

These colors just called to be created with.


I made a set of 4 actions for you using the colors of the above kit. I give you Bakery Bliss Photobucket

I have a set of templates next.



And another set of Actions in basic Black and Whites

I have also decided to run a special Buy My Store sale at Mscraps. $25 will buy you everything in my store! If you buy the store this time around, I will put you in a drawing for a chance to win my entire store for the whole of 2011. That means you will be able to grab every new release at my store at Mscraps for the entire year!! That is at least 24 new items for free!


keep up with BerrySweet Designs

Free PS Action!!!

I am so excited to offer you this free action! It is called vintage dream. It reminds me of the photos my mom has in my photo album from when I was a baby. Slightly yellowed and very soft. 
I would love to see what you do with it!
(only for ps 7 and up)
I cannot seem to get the bugs out of the PSE version but will have that for you very soon!

Cyber Monday Sale!!!

I decided to jump on the wagon with the sales today. 
I am offering you a coupon that is good at both of my stores. 
Take 30% off of all regularly priced items or 50% off my new releases.

Use code: Cyber30OFF

This is only good till tomorrow so use it while you can!
Happy Shopping!

my first actions!!

Today I have 2 new things for you. The first is my last Autumn kit.


I also have a gorgeous set of actions for you. I really hope you like these. :)