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I have been awarded!!!

Yippee! I got a friendship award from Cindyrelly. Thank you for this.

It is a friendship award called the Proximidade, it is an award for those friends around the world who has a blog that has given you pleasure and it offers the hand of friendship.

The rule is that you have to send this on to six other people so here goes.

  1. Chaos Lounge: I love your great designs and friendly blog.
  2. Ikea Goddess: Thanks for taking the time to post all of those wonderful Freebies.
  3. Danielle Corbitt: You are a fun and friendly person. I was honored to have the chance to work with you.
  4. Nicole Seitler: You have great designs and wonderful creative ideas.
  5. Creashens: I have just found your blog and am already hooked.
  6. Allie Brown: I LOVE your blog layouts. You are so sweet to make some with my kits.

I would love to also mention my Creative Team member Vanessa. She has tutorials in using GIMP on her site. My other team members do not have blogs to share with you right now but if they get them I will definitely be sending this off to them. They work very hard for me and I truly appreciate every one. Check out their beautiful creations in the posts below.


Jenni said...

Thanks so much Brenda, I am honoured that you are giving me this cute award!! First time I have seen this one!I love your blog designs, it is so cute!!

Allison Evans Brown said...

AWWWW!! Thanks. You are too kind!
I really appreciate it!